Are you overwhelmed when it comes to your branding?

If you’ve just silently nodded to yourself, well, you’re in the right place. I’m here to bring out the best of who you are, to show you how to be the leader of your own brand…

I’m Kymba ~ An illustrator, lover of the simple life, branding strategist, graphic designer and Mum.

I was working round the clock for major international brands and super-brands like Revlon, Starbucks, Sony, Coca-cola, P&O, Smiths … from a boutique agency-cum-boatshed in Balmain (Sydney, Australia) before I made the move up the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia to where I now run a Soulful Creative design agency and illustration studio….

But my passion is Soulful Branding.

Soulful Branding framework for a meaningful brand

I help you, as a purpose-led brand, to unlock the soul of your brand. The idea is to grow a flourishing business organically, without having to resort to sleazy marketing tactics. Be illuminated by my soulful approach to branding.

For years I have had almost daily downloads of insights and ideas around the subject of Soulful Branding. I’ve scribbled, illustrated and recorded audio of these ideas as they have flooded in. And so I’ve had no choice, but to clear a space in my busy work schedule to release Soulful Branding out into the business world. And I hope it will be embraced by you as a philosophy, as a practical way for you to run more purpose-led branding for your business. When you have clarity and confidence and fire in the belly work that you do, not only do you love your work, but you but people will love your work. People can feel it when what you have comes from the heart and is driven by something greater than yourself.

Do you need a branding angel?

We all need the support of a branding angel who embraces who we are and helps us stay aligned to our brand essence.

I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses and creative entrepreneurs like you with my soulful branding process that works to unlock the soul of your brand, so you can grow your business organically, without having to resort to sleazy marketing tactics.

Soulful Branding principles and style of working with brands has seen some of our most recent clients boom into hugely successful businesses. And now it is time to take this branding philosophy out into the world to make it more accessible to more people.

What people are saying

“Suddenly I realise how powerful branding is, and that it is really foundational – not an add-on for later. It’s hard to put a price on branding because it’s not until you have this information that you really appreciate how valuable it is. Soulful Sessions makes branding accessible because unfortunately, a lot of people like myself don’t have the kind of funds needed for branding upfront. But it’s a shame because it really is the rocket launcher to a business in the sky!”
Mel, Byron Bay

“What a treat it was spending time with you yesterday! Thanks for your excellent presentation and for inspiring me to commit to going from woe to pro with my branding and website. I’ve signed up for Soulful Sessions – yippee! But, I also look forward to hearing from you with regards to the next steps in the branding process.”
Q Ashton, Palm Beach

“I so loved the session yesterday. I gained an incredible amount of insight into myself and my offer and had lots of fun in the process. (The results) are full of so much delicious goodness for me to pour over and I find myself longingly staring at my postie love notes and feeling excited for my business and its future. Thank you enormously again and again.”
Karen, Melbourne



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