How to Create a Brand with Soul

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Do you want to see what happens when you breathe the essence of who you are into everything you do?

If you don’t already know Chef Cynthia Louise it’s time I introduced you. Chef Cynthia Louise runs her business from her heart - she is a soulful brand if ever there was one. Her passion is contagious as she lights up each moment with her big-hearted approach to life and her work.

A great introduction to this incredible woman and the work she does is to watch this video snippet of one of her latest projects that I worked on with her.

Chef Cynthia Louise is a wholefood plant-based Chef. She has done inspiring work in collaboration with Dr Libby, Tyler Tolman and Heal Thy Self - but is now a force to be reckoned with the high-quality stream of recipe books, products, classes, cafes and retreats and digital material that she produces.

If you want to understand how powerful it is to have a soulful brand with your essence at the centre of everything you do, Chef Cynthia Louise is a great example.

It takes courage and vulnerability and truth to be a soulful brand. It takes you getting out of your own way to be more soul-led in your work. And this goes against the logic and control of traditional business frameworks (in fact the traditional approach to business goes in the completely opposite direction).

Let’s take a closer look at why a SOUL-led approach, like Chef Cynthia Louise’s approach to her business and branding, makes a SOLID business model.

  • Chef Cynthia Louise is clear about who she is and her points of DIFFENCE. 
  • She is clear about what she stands for. She knows her VALUES & BELIEFS and is not afraid to share them passionately.
  • Chef has a VISION. Oh does she have vision!? A big vision that is bigger than herself and pushes her endlessly into uncharted waters, navigating new grounds - this is the great adventure of her life and is what makes her so exciting.
  • Chef Cynthia Louise has developed a rich layered BRAND STORY that’s simple and clear at its core yet eternal, rich and layered in its depth and scope and potential. This story will continue for a lifetime and beyond.
  • Chef Cynthia Louise has PERSONALITY. The tone and language and style of all of her communications is vibrant and distinct: she is natural, playful, fun, passionate and courageous. She doesn’t hold back and is not afraid to shock or stir emotions on a deep level.
  • She has sophisticated and bold VISUAL LANGUAGE with symbols, icons, imagery, fonts, colours and a general look-and-feel that makes her familiar and recognisable and consistent for the people who follow her. Chef Cynthia Louise herself is at the centre of this visual language (you couldn’t just swap her out for another person - can you imagine how disconcerting that would be!)
  • Chef Cynthia Louise has a constant stream of star OFFERINGS that she dishes out to her hungry followers: from recipe books, products, online classes, cafes and retreats. She never ceases to delight with her latest product launches and every new creation is deeply aligned with everything she stands for and is passionate about.
  • Chef Cynthia Louise has an incredible network of support and friends that come together to raise her up to where she needs to be to do the work she does. Her vibrant following and CONNECTIONS make her an inspiration to so many and she draws inspiration from them - it is a forever expanding and inclusive circle that has no end.
  • She manages all of her own creation and marketing herself. Staying small enough to do this allows her personality and genius to light up everything she releases.

The secret to Chef Cynthia Louise as a soulful brand can be seen in everything she does ... but perhaps her best testimony is in how others tell the story of the influence she has had on their lives, like this:

I’m feeling so incredibly inspired by Chef Cynthia Louise - the way this woman expresses her purpose in the world is beyond beautiful and powerful. Her food creations are pure art, devotion, love and have revolutionised my relationship to food and nourishing my body. The way she blesses the food she prepares makes it taste better than anything I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for being amazing!!! #soulfamily #blessed #grateful #heartoverflowing

Chef Cynthia Louise, keep doing what you're doing, because, in the natural flow of who you are, you are creating big, important work that continually inspires and transforms a whole bunch of souls along the way.

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